1. ACORN held its first Webinar (this one on value-added farming) – 2nd part on topic coming up. It’s free & full of valuable information. Consider signing up. Easy, free, my advice: just do it!

2. More organic farmers in Labrador! We’ll wait to hear from the horse’s mouth. Fantastic!

3. ACORN’s 10th annual conference – have you registered? No? really, you’ve got to go. Check out the offerings. Email Jane White – our fab organic specialist about possible funding for producers interested inĀ attending.

4. For Consumers and Marketplace pages are updated!! Send us your info to further update.

5. Mark Wilson & friends – Emily Doyle, Geoff Schinkle, Krista Koch – have obtained crown land near St. John’s and will be farming organically this coming summer, supplying local markets. All the best!

6. Alison Dyer is the ACORN NL representative on the ACORN Board of Directors. To contact Alison: acorn-nl@acornorganic.org