Happenings… don’t delay!

1. ACORN Webinar – Tues.Feb.16th noon (Hfx time). “Creating and Updating Your Organic Farm Plan” with Rupert Jannisch. To register, contact: Stephanie Kukkonen, Technical Project Coordinator; 1-866-322-2676:  stephanie@acornorganic.org 

2. ACORN 10th Anniversary Conference. This is going to be so good! Don’t delay. Register by contacting ACORN: admin@acornorganic.org.  Are you a producer? Have you looked at getting funding to participate? Email Alison for details: squidink@nl.rogers.com

3. February 20th. Friends of St. John’s Farmer’s Market are holding a public information & discussion session this Saturday, from 2-4pm at Gower St. United Church…. (to discuss the formation of a Co-operative to own and operate the Market. If you are a farmer, a craft vendor, or someone interested in buying and  promoting fresh local food, please come and contribute your thoughts.  If you wish to learn more about the Market or the co-operative visit   www.stjohnsfarmersmarket.org.)

4. Food Security is holding a “Developing Sustainable Food Systems Discussion/Teleconference” with keynote speaker Rebecca Schiff on the Role of Food Policy Councils in Developing Sustainable Food Systems Friday, March 5th, 2010… 12-1pm Island time; 11:30-12:30pm Labrador time. To register, contact: Kristie Jameson via email info@foodsecuritynews.com or call 709.237.4126. by Friday, February 26th.

5. O.k. just some stats, from Debbie Baker (International Director at the Centre for Food Safety; affiliate of Navdanya International): “If the 434 million acres under cultivation in the U.S. were converted to organic methods tomorrow it could cut its greenhouse gas emissions by 25%” [as quoted in Small Farm Canada mag. Dec.09]

Happy belated Chinese New Year All!!!