It was an inspirational spring weekend!

About 16 members of the provincial organic producers’ community gathered Saturday, Apr. 10th, for a full-day workshop on capacity-building and strategy planning.

The group considered the direction of the provincial organic industry, where it wants to go, and how to get there. With strengthened resolve and a clear focus, we are well on our way to becoming a recognized agricultural industry sector in NL, and the newest organic industry association in Atlantic Canada.

The day was organized by Jane White (DNR) and Lindsey Hewitt (NEARedBrd) with help from Mark Wilson & Alison Dyer, funded by the Dept. INTRD, and facilitated by Natalie Falk. Thanks all!

But it didn’t stop there. On Sunday with the sunshine bearing down, many of the group went on a ‘farm crawl’ (no beer but lots of delicious food!). Update on that to come. Stay tuned!