,lEd O'Reilly, Kristie Jameson, Theresa Schumilas, Wayne Roberts share special moment at panel discussion "Revitalizing sustainable farming & local food in NL"

 They came, they talked, they worked, they lauqhed… and many left evaluations from which we drew for a prize thanks to one of our sponsors: The Travel Bug. The winner; Jake Nicholl!

PLUS:  This week’s reading suggestion:

Farmers wage organic battle against pests and weeds. While conventional farmers have a quiver full of chemical arrows to battle the invasion of weeds and pests, the organic farmer has a tougher row to hoe. But research on organic agricultural ecosystems in the last few years has made some key findings and refined techniques organic growers use. New York Times.

Read about planting various crops & flowers to attract beneficial predators…. Visit: