Hay Rake for ATV / Tractor

Hay Rake bought new in 2010. Never used. Great for sweeping up grass clippings or leaves into a row.


Disk Harrow for ATV / Tractor

Brand new disk harrow for ATV or tractor ball hitch use… break up ground and sod. List over $900. Bought new Spring 2010.


RotoTiller (5.0 HP – Gas – Turf Power)

Recently serviced 5 HP gas rototiller. 18″ cut. Workhorse. Full forward and reverse speeds. Two new tires. Ready for your spring garden.


Heavy Duty Utility Trailer w/ box  6 x 12 (Tandem Wheel)

This trailer can carry several tons of equipment or material. 2″ ball hitch with HD steel frame, juniper box, excellent 185 R70 14″ tires. Perfect for farm or construction use. Licensed until April 2011.


2001 Ford F-150 XL Pickup Truck



Commercial Greenhouse – 20′ x 40′

Used 20′ x 40′ commercial greenhouse with two layers of plastic, oil furnace with greenhouse style plenum. Also includes 2 x 1000 liter water totes for irrigation and 1/2 hp electric pump. Greenhouse is disassembled.


Woods 59″ PTO Finish Mower

Woods finish mower. Good condition. Fits PTO tractors from 15-30HP.


Jang Clean Seeder and 5 seed rollers

Brand new.. never used. Extremely versatile, with a multitude of quick-change rollers available for many different seed sizes and spacings. Accurately singulates very small raw seed to medium size coated seed. Can also meter some larger seeds such as corn, beans, and cucumbers. The front drive wheel firms and flattens the bed, and has tabs for traction. A durable, transparent quart-size plastic hopper holds plenty of seed and makes it easy to see remaining seed at all times – no running out in the middle of a row. The hopper’s quick-release makes it easy to empty and save seed, as well as change rollers. The seeder will continue to work even with a small amount of seeds. Seed sizing gauge is provided on the inside of the hopper lid for easy seed roller selection. One-seed roller is included. Additional rollers may be purchased separately. An adjustable brush on the guide plate allows singulation and precise metering of the seeds. Planting depth is controlled by plow height, which adjusts with a single screw. A soil scrape plate follows the plow to cover the seed. The rear wheel firms the bed. Six included sprockets may be interchanged in a variety of combinations to regulate seed spacing to suit the grower’s needs. A seed spacing chart is provided on the outside of the sprocket cover. The push handle is ergonomically adjustable for height and from side to side, for operation from a footpath. A variety of accessories are available to enhance the overall usefulness of the system. 22 lbs.

$399 (paid $530 for this unit with the seed plates – seed rollers are $20 each at Johnny’s)

Earthway Ev-n-Spred Shoulder Broadcast Spreader

Brand new in box.  Sow cover crops quickly. Adjusts to sow any kind of grass, clover, and grain seeds. Holds up to 20 lb. of seed. Easy to carry and operate, spreading seed rapidly and evenly. Nylon bag hopper, molded base, corrosion-resistant metal, and tough gears. Spread width up to 30′.

$35 (paid over $60 including tax and shipping)


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