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If you’re going to ACORN’s annual conference in Fredericton – you’re likely on your way there…(my toothbrush is packed)

Other stuff of interest? Let’s roll out the carpet:

1. NL Horticultural Producers Conference, Gander, March 16-17th. This is a great conference with info on some latest research, juicy workshops, meet other market producers. Register now.

2. NLFA AGM. Conveniently on Fri. March18th, Gander, following the NLHort.Producer’s Conference.

3. Avalon Agricultural Advantage Conference. March 24, The Wilds, Salmonier Line. Looking really exciting …a focussed one-day event on emerging issues & trends in agriculture… for info contact: Sarah Crocker (709) 753-5554

4. St. John’s Farmer’s Market – good ol’ CBC Land & Sea is doing a segment on the SJFM: See it on CBC TV this Sunday.

5. Job opportunity: St. John’s Farmer’s Market looking for Marketing Mgr; March 18th deadline.

6. Sources of local organic / free-range meat & poultry? We’re getting demands for same. Be sure to let us know and leave comment here.

I had a #7. Oh well, next time. You’ve enough to be getting along with.



ACORN-NL’s Sustainable Farming Conference taking place on the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of the October 22-24th weekend. The conference is planned to take place at the College of the North Atlantic on Prince Philip Drive, in St. John’s. We will also be offering display space during the conference.

Friday’s afternoon session will be more geared toward all levels of government, NGO’s, producer organizations, economic development boards, and educational institutions that are involved with agriculture from across the province. We will bring in aspects of food security to the discussion along with topics that relate to local food and health. We are also bringing in a National leader in food policy specializing at the municipal level. We are going to offer a great weekend program and we want to gather your input to help to bring people together in our agricultural community to benefit our province and increase the availability of healthy local food.

Saturday workshops and Sunday “On-Farm” sessions will provide substantial information for producers, consumers, marketers, and others.

We recognize the need for better and more economic sustainable agriculture practices, more local food, and better access to healthy nutrition in the province, and we believe that this can provide benefits for not only our farming communities.

Please attend the full conference and stay tuned to our blog for updates. We will provide a full program schedule and registration form over the next week or so.

If you have any questions about the conference or would like to help out with logistics, funding, or if you or someone you know would like to donate or sell to us local food for our Chef’s Local Food Dinner at the College of the North Atlantic then please contact me by phone or email at:

Mark Wilson, Conference Coordinator
ACORN-NL Sustainable Farming Conference 2010 (in St. John’s)
Cell 709-764-3169
Fax 709-237-4696