ACORN-NL was created in April, 2008 following a successful full-day organic workshop held in St. John’s, NL. After  two years of activities, it incorporated as a not-for-profit organization (June 29, 2010) following a Strategic Planning session.

A sustainable organic industry that makes local organic food available to all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.


ACORN-NL is a sustainable, not-for-profit organization which promotes and encourages a viable organic agricultural industry throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.

a) to advocate for policies and programs that support sustainable organic agricultural industry growth and development.
b) to identify and deliver professional development and training, and to support research and market development aimed at increasing the capacity of organic producers and processors.
c) to provide education and outreach to Newfoundlanders and Labradorians on organic issues.
d) to create and promote open and transparent communications to members and stakeholders.
e) to maximize opportunities for industry networking, resource sharing and partnership development.
f) to promote a fair income for organic farmers.

Membership :

Available to all those in the food chain continuum from experienced and aspiring farmers and processors to retailers, wholesalers, restaurants, chefs, researchers, food policymakers, consumers and others who support the vision, mission and mandate of the organization. Contact:  for information on membership rates & benefits.

Founding Directors:
Melba Rabinowitz, Portugal Cove – St. Philips, NL  •  Greg Wood, Deer Lake, NL  •  Emily Doyle, St. John’s, NL  •  Mark Wilson, St. John’s NL